Many conservatories have damaged, worn out or leaking roofs. Often the windows doors and base are in sound condition. Most  companies will only sell you a completely new conservatory, at considerable cost. We specialise in fitting new, modern roof systems to existing bases, extending the life of your room by at least ten years. Typically at about a quarter of the price of a new conservatory. We can install a new roof on all types of conservatory, whether upvc or timber and will upgrade the roofing materials for more efficient energy saving materials at no extra cost.

 This is a typical example of a conservatory roof at the end of its life. The panels, which were once translucent blue have oxidised and become brittle. The roof was leaking in several places despite attempts by several companies to seal the joints. The client was quoted over £12,000.00 for a replacement. 

Having carried out a comprehensive survey, we established that the base, doors and windows were all in good condition and did not require replacement.

A new heatsaver polycarbonate roof system was installed by us in  one day, for less than £3,000.00

The new roof is a self supporting upvc/ aluminium rafter system, fitted with 35mm opal heatsaver multiwall polycarbonate. Apart from the obvious improvement in appearance the summer temperatures were dramatically reduced, and winter insulation to modern standards. 

And of course, it is leak free.

This timber conservatory roof was largely held together with self adhesive flashing. We fitted a high performance polycarbonate roof with powder coated aluminium glazing bars on top of the existing timber rafters.

The cost was under £1,600.00

This roof is slightly unusual, a white roof on a brown base. The old roof was in very poor condition and we fitted a new high performance upvc roof. Keeping costs down was important as the clients were retired and on a limited budget. They did love their conservatory though and we kept costs to a minimum by offering a roof in standard white instead of rosewood.

We were uncertain of how the final appearance would be, but actually it looks ok, and more importantly came in under £2,000.00


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